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What sizes are your journals?

  • All of our full size journals (The Classic, The Cedar, The Cork and Genuine Leather) are the same size. They are approx. 9” Tall x 6” wide x 2” thick. (We also offer mini/micro journals that are pocket sized at approx. 6” x 4”.) 


What size are your inserts?

  • Our inserts are a standard A5 size, which is 8.25” tall x 5.5” wide. Our inserts fit perfectly in all of our standard size journals (any except the mini/micro journals - those inserts are approximately 5" tall x 3" wide)


What is the difference between the classic  Juniper Journal and the Cedar?

  • The only difference between our Classic Juniper Journal and the Cedar Journal is the leather detailing on the exterior. The Classic Juniper was our original design featuring leather corners and our logo on the front. The Cedar journal has full leather strips on front and back and features our logo on the back. Both Juniper and Cedar are exactly the same size and can comfortably hold up to 7 inserts and a zipper pouch. 


Do you ship outside the U.S.?


Can I purchase a journal without inserts?

  • Our journals are sold with a minimum of three inserts for ease of packing and shipping. 


What is order processing time?

  • Order processing times fluctuate between one and three weeks. Our products are handmade to order, so please allow plenty of time for processing!


Do you make custom sized journals?

  • At this time we generally do not offer custom sizes, however, we have more flexibility with our leather journals and can provide quotes for custom sizing in quantities of 10 or more in leather only. 


If I order a journal with 3 inserts will it hold more and how do I add additional inserts?


Help! I took my journal apart and now I can’t figure out how to put it back together! 

  • No problem! Our journals were made to be able to add, remove, and replace inserts. We have a video saved to our Instagram highlights that explains how to put it back together. If you’re still having trouble, contact us and we will help!


How many pages does each insert hold? 

Most of our journals have 52 pages, but there are a few exceptions to this rule. The Watercolor paper is much thicker, so any insert with watercolor paper will have 28 pages.(ie. Nature, Phenology, etc)  


I don't see my question answered here. Is there another way to ask questions?

If you have a specific question or comment, please email us at