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Juniper Grove March Madness

Here's what you need to do to participate in the JG March Madness

  1. CLICK HERE to download a .pdf of the bracket!

  2. Print a copy of the bracket

  3. Fill out the bracket - Choose a winner for each pairing all the way through the championship fan favorite.

  4. Snap a picture of your bracket.

  5. Send a direct message to our Instagram account. 

  6. Click Here to see an example of what it should look like.

Now you're ready to track your score.

  • You get 2 points for every correct prediction in the "sweet" 16 round.
  • You get 4 points for every correct prediction in the next elite eight round.
  • You get 8 points for choosing a correct fabric in the final game.
  • You get 12 points for choosing the Fan Favorite champion.