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This insert is inspired by naturalist, artist and educator John Muir (Jack) Laws. During a homeschool education conference by the Charlotte Mason Institute, he shared three questions he uses for exploration and discovery while in nature. The questions were:
What do you notice?
What do you wonder?
What does it remind you of?
These three questions were inspirational for our family. We found them to be useful not only in nature, but in many aspects of life. Bible study, literature analysis, mathematics, and the sciences (to name a few) were all enriched by asking these three questions. 
So we created a journal insert with those three prompting statements. It is wide open in its 
application, so you can use it for any subject. Take it with you on a nature walk, open it up during bible study, use it for a picture study, and so on.
This insert has 26 pages (front and back) on our signature Richeson drawing paper. 

A note about the company: Juniper Grove Journals is a very small family business. Brad and Micah and their children Kate (13), Olivia (11), Maggie (10) and Jonah (7) all pitch in to make the journals from scratch. Micah designs and manufactures the journals, while Brad designs and prints the notebook inserts, and the kids bind the inserts at the kitchen table. (True story - The only rule is that everything has to be cleared away before dinner. =)