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Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal
Herb Garden Juniper Journal

Herb Garden Juniper Journal

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The Juniper Journal in Herb Garden

** journal capacity is 7 journal Inserts with a zipper pouch**

**zipper pouch sold separately**

Please meet the Juniper Journal. This classic take on the traveler’s journal is our family’s answer to notebooking. The Charlotte Mason method of education utilizes notebooks as a tool for assimilating ideas. Commonplace journals, Nature journals, Math journals, Science journals, Bible study journals and century charts are just a few applications of notebooking integral to the school day.

With all of these notebooks, it’s no wonder we spend a quarter of our time looking for the appropriate notebook, sometimes having to start a new one! Enough! No more searching for notebooks! With the Juniper Journal you can keep them all in one place!

Not into homeschooling? We have so many journal options to choose from, you can easily customize our journal to suit your individual needs.

This classic, elegant, hand-made traveler’s journal is made of quality materials designed to hold all of your notebooks in style. Using genuine vegetable-tanned leather and high quality designer canvas, your study notebooks will be wrapped in luxury. Three durable, elastic bands run along the inside of the spine keeping the journal closed and the notebooks secure. Measuring approx.. 9”x7” and being 2” thick (depending on how many journals you squeeze in!) each journal can hold up to 7(!!) notebook inserts! But then it’s more like 3”

Depending on your needs, you can build your own custom journal that fits your lifestyle. First choose from our designer patterns, then select which notebooks you’d like to include (below), and finally customize with a zipper pouch and charm! Whether you’re organizing your day, your week, taking notes from your Bible study, making a commonplace entry or nature study, the Juniper Journal is great to take with you wherever you go. The notebook inserts are easily removable and incredibly affordable so just add or replace when necessary.

Journal Insert options:

Nature Journal (blank, 88# watercolor paper)
Commonplace Journal (blank, lined)
Bible Journal (blank, lined)
Math Journal (blank, grid - large or small)
Science Journal (blank, grid)
Century Journal
Calendar of Firsts Journal
Daily Journal (planner)
Weekly Journal (planner)
Monthly Journal (planner)
Menu Planner
To-do/Notes Journal
Bullet Journal

Blank Lined (optional, customized front cover)
Blank Grid (optional, customized front cover)

A note about paper: At Juniper Grove, paper is important to us. We put thought and research into the quality of paper we use for our journals. For most of our inserts, we chose Richeson drawing paper. The light texture or ‘tooth’ of this paper feels good under your pen, and is dense enough that your ink will not bleed through. For our Nature Journal, we chose an 88 pound Richeson water-color paper that really stands up to use without bleeding or wrinkling.

A note about the company: Juniper Grove Journals is a very small family business. Brad and Micah and their children Kate (13), Olivia (12), Maggie (10) and Jonah (7) all pitch in to make the journals from scratch. Micah designs and manufactures the journals, while Brad designs and prints the notebook inserts, and the kids bind the inserts at the kitchen table. (True story - The only rule is that everything has to be cleared away before dinner. =)